MILAN CATHEDRAL – Restoration of Spire #18

    As part of the restoration work begun on the façade in 2003, Paolo Costa & C. – who have been working with Milan Cathedral’s Veneranda Fabbrica for 15 years – are carrying out the complete restoration of Spire #18. The work is complex and will take a year to complete, but it will restore this major, complex architectural element in Candoglia marble to its former glory.

    Before starting restoration work, brothers Cristiano and Paolo Costa, and their Technical Studio, made preliminary surveys of the Spire as each single element was dismantled, subsequently proceeding with the complex engineering required to construct a 3D vector model and make a perfect reproduction of the whole element.

    Restoration work on the Spire will be finished by October 2014, and will comprise not only the spire itself but also the numerous statues composing it.

    Duomo Milano - Guglia 18


    Modello 3D Guglia 18


    Riproduzione Guglia 18 Duomo di Milano

    Riproduzione Guglia

    montaggio guglia 18 Duomo di Milano