Paolo Costa & C. operates within the dominant sector of the stone industry that is Carrara. We can claim experience spanning three generations in artistic work with marble and other stone. Many years in the sector and expert knowledge of all working techniques allows our company today to take on any architectural and decorative project with the best attention to classical styles. Despite the introduction of continuously advanced working techniques, at Paolo Costa we preserve our heritage using almost forgotten, age-old techniques which we renew on a daily basis during each stage of the work process.
    Architects and Designers from all over the world establish professional relationships with our company to optimize and realize their ideas.

    Highly specialised in creating complementary design features of great artistic value, our company undertakes many different types of custom work, from interior and exterior design to feature fireplaces;  from capitals, columns, stairs and  balustrades to religious décor and all other manufactured products deriving from architectural and decorative stone work.

    Thanks to modern production technology and a consolidated workflow, our company can handle both large-scale projects and smaller scale work, carrying out each process with the utmost care which has always been our trademark.